Dear All

We are happy to welcome you within Bloomtv and we would like to introduce ourselves.
Bloomtv exists for 4 years and our office is situated in the XI district of Paris.
Bloomtv represents directors of various nationalities in Europe (Eastern and Western), the Middle East, North Africa, India, Asia and North America.
Bloomtv addresses to commercials producers, communication agencies, professionals of the advertising industry in general, all over the world.

More than a traditional agent, we bring a “savoir faire”, based on the acquired experience to make films for more than 20 years, throughout the world, about are the budget, the times of feasibility or the cultural and religious requirements appropriate for each region of the world.

We wish to give the best answer to your project or request and to honor your demand, as well from an artistic, financial point of view, but also in the choice of the tools of manufacturing, average human beings and logistic, or the gathered whole.

We insure directors' promotion of advertising among the best in their domains, that they are confirmed or young talents. About all the kinds are represented: storytelling, beauty, car, children, SFX, 3D.
We wish to make you share, the artistic and technical potential, common to each of these directors.

Our ambition is also to bring coherent solutions to both parts which are going to compose the “in between” : director / producer, serving the duo announcer / agency.

The specificity and the technical evolutions of this profession urged us to propose new artistic and technical advanced services.

Firstly, we can provide you with, a DA which will know how to enrich the treatment of the director, thanks to a relevant research of pictures and a quality of layout, that will increase considerably your chances to gain films.
Secondly, our taste for the new technologies and the magic images, brought to us to acquire and to develop a knowledge around a new type of camera:
A high-speed camera which turns in 2500 fr/s full HD.
Indeed, this type of image is present in most of the big current productions of promotional films.
If such is your need, we can bring you support in the choice of a post-production house and a good lab for telecinema in Paris.

Isabelle Longue manage Bloomtv.
She have around twenty years of experience in business:
Isabelle (ex 1st assistant director on commercials, music video & features films) is now an artistic director since 3 years.

We can also do Production Service for you if needed.

Do not hesitate to react to this mail, to give us your feedback, we will be happy to hear from you.

Sincerely Yours